Tealsorb BA

Caustic Alkaline Absorbent

Tealsorb BA Caustic Alkaline Neutralizing Absorbent Powder is specially designed and formulated for clean-up of Base and Alkaline Spills such as caustic soda or KOH.

Tealsorb BA uses an integral base neutralizer that changes from pink to yellow when the spill is basic and reverts to a dull pink when the spill is fully neutralized. Employees can work a spill with a simple broom, greatly reducing the risk of chemical burns, and the residue is no longer a hazardous waste, which saves on disposal costs.


Tealsorb BA Lightweight Ultra Absorbent Properties

  • Weighs an average of 12 lbs per 5 gal bag (approx. 0.80 cubic feet)
  • Absorbs 3 times its own weight in liquid
  • Absorbs spill quickly and efficiently
  • Weighs little more than the original spill after absorbent is added

Why Use It?

  • Less product consumption than the average absorbents
  • Lowest overall mass to landfill
  • Reduced trucking rates due to lightweight and absorbency nature of Tealsorb BA
  • Quickest and fastest clean up time compared to average absorbents

We also offer a full line of Spill Kits specifically designed for the clean up and neutralization of acid spills.

Tealsorb BA SDS: teal-sorb-ba-sds.pdf

How to use Teal Sorb Neutralizing Absorbent

  1. Apply Tealsorb around the edges of the spill
  2. Using a stiff bristle brush/broom, push Tealsorb into the spill
  3. Continue to brush back and forth in a circular motion over the spill until all the spill is removed
  4. Add more Tealsorb to the spill if the Tealsorb does not turn light pink or white during the basic neutralization process
  5. Dispose of Tealsorb according to the local, state, federal, and international regulations and guidelines